On Monday, Sen. Josh Hawley blasted Joe Biden for his continued assault on human life in the womb by enacting policies aimed at “snuff[fing] out the lives of unborn children around the world.” 

In his tweet, Hawley wrote, “The Biden administration’s effort to compel taxpayers to fund foreign organizations working to snuff out the lives of unborn children around the world is an affront to the most deeply-held beliefs of millions of pro-life conservatives across the country.” 

OANN reports:

The senator also expressed concern for Republicans being boycotted and harassed by the left for supporting pro-life causes. Hawley noted, “right now the attacks are just intensifying” and urged conservatives to stand up against the repression.

“What tech and the big corporate monopolies have been trying to do the last few weeks, trying to silence dissent, trying to tell conservatives they’re not welcome in the public square,” he stated. “Of course, they’ve been trying to do this to people of faith and pro-life advocates for years, we’ve seen social media in particular go after pro-life groups.”

Hawley reiterated that he’s “not going to be intimidated” and urged Americans to defend their First Amendment rights.

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Old man
1 year ago

Racist Joe want to keep abortions as the majority of abortions are from minorities this reducing their population.

Herbert G. Chapman
Herbert G. Chapman
1 year ago
Reply to  Old man

Thank you Old man. I said about the same thing yesterday because it is racist on the pro abortionist agenda . I am an old man 82 pushing 3 and I have seen this thing up front and it is nothing but murder in it’s cruelest form . Look up the word cruel and see just what it really means.

1 year ago

What hypocrisy! Murder babies and stop capital punishment. Absolutely un-Godly insanity!!!