On Thursday, former Secretary of State under President Donald J. Trump, Mike Pompeo, wrote on Twitter a statement about the Trump administration’s pro-life policies that championed life-affirming outcomes throughout the presidency.

He wrote, “I’m proud that we were the most PRO-LIFE administration in history. We denied use of your money to perform abortions. We promoted adoption & appointed judges that understand the words “life” & “liberty” have real meaning. It’s important that we keep championing American values!”


President Trump reinstated the pro-life Mexico City Policy, which kept taxpayer funds from bankrolling foreign abortions, cut Title X funding to abortion facilities, among a myriad of other life-affirming policies

Trump also placed pro-life judges on our nation’s courts, implemented new department of Health and Human Services (HHS) rules, created a new HHS office for conscience protection, limited abortion pills during COVID-19, spoke at the March for Life, and took multiple executive actions to champion pro-life policies. 

In September 2020, Secretary Pompeo appeared at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa, saying, “Abortion quite simply isn’t a human right.” He added, “It takes a life.” He also said that the Trump administration “appreciates and knows that our rights come from God, not government.”

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David Holland
David Holland
1 year ago

I think people are going to start appreciating what President Trump managed to get done, even tho he was hampered by the hate filled democrats

1 year ago

What differentiates President Trump from career politicians is that he had a plan in place for over 20 years and knew exactly how to fix the problems besetting America today. He is not moved by threats or bribes and cannot be blackmailed. So they hate him . And we all love him and acknowledge him as he best President in living History