This week, 86 pro-life women from 25 different countries signed a letter denouncing the use of “abortion-tainted vaccines for COVID-19 and arguing that church statements quickly approving of the vaccines only rely on “an incomplete assessment of the science of vaccination and immunology.”

Signatories of the letter come from a host of backgrounds, including pro-life activists, religious sisters, doctors, nurses, bioethics experts, and others from four continents.

“We cannot sit back as the use of aborted human fetuses in medical research is gradually normalized as an ‘unfortunate’ part of modern-day medicine,” the letter stated. “It is time for clergy and laity to boldly confront this horror and defend the right to life for the most vulnerable with ‘maximum determination.’”

“The evil of using aborted fetal cell lines involves not just the original murder, but the ongoing commercialization of the child’s body, as well as the ultimate refusal, to bury his desecrated remains,” it continued. 

According to CNA: 

According to the statement, the vaccine candidates which reported using aborted fetal cells “only during testing” also made use of the HEK-293 [Human Embryonic Kidney-293] cells “as an integral part of the development of their mRNA candidate.” Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA vaccines.

Given the COVID-19 vaccine’s “experimental nature,” people should not be forced, coerced, or urged to take it, the women stated.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops this month reiterated the Vatican’s teaching on COVID-19 vaccines produced with the help of abortion-derived cell lines, after a vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson received FDA approval.

This week’s statement from Catholic women claimed statements justifying the use of abortion-derived vaccines “ignore the gravity and immediacy of the crimes committed against the unborn” and they could not willingly benefit from the sacrifice of “these aborted babies’ bodies” if they were used at any point in the vaccine production process, “no matter how long ago.”

“The evil of using aborted fetal cell lines involves not just the original murder, but the ongoing commercialization of the child’s body, as well as the ultimate refusal to bury his desecrated remains,” they said.

The statement also noted that fetal cell lines “do not last indefinitely” and vaccine manufacturers will have strong incentives to create new lines to match old ones. The women argued that the use of aborted fetal tissue in developing medical interventions will “fuel the search for new aborted fetal tissue.”

“This has occurred multiple times in past decades, with the most recent aborted fetal cell line developed in 2015,” it said.

What are your thoughts on the letter from these women? Do you agree that vaccines that use aborted human fetal cell tissues for development from the 1980s are morally acceptable? 

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8 months ago

Firstly, vaccines today and Big Pharma in general no longer resort to Moral integrity. Secondly the same people who launched the Covid on our World are behind all the vaccines. Follow the money trail, all roads lead back to Wuhan including Andrechrome. Children’s lives are now in greater danger than ever before and that includes the unborn

8 months ago

Absolutely NOT! I wouldn’t take this filthy vaccine if my life depended on it! From “ingredients” to the utter lack of reliable testing and research it is reason enough to refuse to comply! They can all go straight to Hell!

Cy Huerter
Cy Huerter
8 months ago

The demons and devils we face today are the same ones that were kicked out of Heaven way back when. All of us will face a judgment day. Those of us who follow the demons and devils and benefit from the killing of innocents, born or unborn, will get their just rewards for eternity. Let us pray and take action to remove legal protection for the killers and those who support them. Then we need to share the Gospel with all who will listen. For those who refuse to listen and repent, all we need to do is dust off our sandals and move on to those who will listen and repent. Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats. St. Paul had a great approach. He’d ask a stranger, “…… have you heard the good news?” Once he got their attention he’d share the Gospel. St. Paul’s approach still works well today.

Jemini Cricket
Jemini Cricket
7 months ago

If you read and understand Psalm 139 you will know no amount of time can remove the sin of abortion in God’s Mind. I know of no true believer in Christ who believes that any length of time absolves a murder. One must repent and seek forgiveness from God. Then He wipes the offense clean. If, and God does, write every member, including our cells, of our being in His Book, then I’m quite sure He will not wink at this on going sin many Churches, denominations, and individual Christians have compromised on. No pastor, no person can ever preach or teach me concerning abortion again if they take these immoral vaccines. They have forfeited the right to do so.