On Thursday, Joe Biden’s administration announced that it would rewrite a policy from the Trump administration barring federal funding from Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities. 

According to the Washington Examiner:

The Department of Health and Human Services will rewrite the 2019 rule that withheld federal funding through the Title X Family Planning Program from providers who direct women to abortion services. HHS is expected to propose new rules for the family planning program similar to those implemented in 2000 and ended under the Trump administration.

The Trump policy, known as the “gag rule” among abortion rights advocates, caused major organizations to opt out of the Title X program. Planned Parenthood, the largest single provider of Title X services with more than 600 health clinics around the United States, announced in August 2019 that it would drop out of the program. Hundreds of other women’s health clinics, such as Maine Family Planning and the Women’s Health Center of West Virginia, have also withdrawn from the program.

President Biden signed a presidential memorandum on Jan. 28 that would “reverse my predecessor’s attack on women’s health access,” adding that the policy change “reinstates the changes that were made to Title X and other things making it harder for women to have access to affordable health care as it relates to their reproductive rights.”

Once HHS issues the new rule, it could take months for hundreds of providers to reapply for the program and rejoin Title X networks across the country.

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Elizabeth Estrada
1 year ago

LISTEN UP….GOD is ANGRY!!!! INNOCENT BLOOD Continues to be SHED in AMERICA and ALL OVER the WORLD. The J UDGEMENT of GOD is HERE…to JUDGE the LIVING and the DEAD. ANYONE Who Does NOT Make PEACE With GOD….Will Be Sent to the KINGDOM of HELL. From SamuraiQueen. 😩😩😩

1 year ago

Biden just essentially eliminated abortion. He is giving parents of all children $300. a month. Why would there not be a gigantic increase in the birth rate? Five kids are worth $1500 a month to a woman. Kill them , hell no have more of them. Ten kids worth $3000 a month plus the food stamps, housing, etc. Gonna have to build a ton of new schools, hire more teachers. This is a giant stimulas.

1 year ago

The 0>joKe<0 organization is genociting minorities.

Don’t wait today MUST sue Nancy Pelosi for gross negligence causing the wrongful dead of Ashli Babbit in the Capitol riot, she was unarmed, who gave those orders to the the Capitol police to shot an unarmed person without first giving prior notice of that they will be shooting at them , violating the law.
No one is above the Law not even the POTUS, Nancy fired the experienced Capitol chief of police days before the riots and placed an inexperienced person to be in charge, refused the offer from the POTUS TRUMP to have 10,000 troops to stop riots in DC, there are multiple videos that show how the Capitol Police let the rioters in the Capitol and also guide them to the chambers then inside to ambush them and gun down an innocent person.
We The People want the Law to be upheld even to everyone, no one is above the LAW.
Now the say the Capitol police that shot Babbit is in hiding who is helping him to do so, and why they haven’t open an investigation!!!.