At the 2017 March for Life

On Monday, it was reported by Life News that the 40 Days for Life campaign has already saved 353 babies, and the list is still growing as pro-lifers wrap up the campaign in the coming weeks.

Life News reports:

Abortion supporters argue that abortion is healthcare…but one step inside an abortion facility is enough to convince many women there’s something deeply disturbing about the practice.

“The people at the abortion clinic freaked me out,” a 17-week-pregnant mother told vigil participants in Sacramento, California.

The expectant mother had already seen an ultrasound and knew her child is a boy, but relationship problems with the child’s father led her to make an abortion appointment.

Vigil participants prayed with the woman, exchanged phone numbers, and offered support, but she went home noncommittal about continuing her pregnancy.

A week went by, and the Sacramento 40 Days for Life team didn’t hear from the woman. A text message went unreturned. Finally, Wynette called to check in and renew the offer to help.

“I’m doing okay,” she replied. “You guys really made an impact on me. I’ve decided NOT to have an abortion.”

Vigil participants were delighted and are planning to provide her with gifts. They might even celebrate Easter with her!

Many other saves occurred during 40 Days for Life in places such as Mexico City, Mexico, and Little Rock, Arkansas. Find your 40 Days for Life vigil near you by clicking here.

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