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In a recent op-ed on the pro-abortion website “Rewire News Group,” anti-life activist Renee Bracey Sherman said how she wants Democrat pro-abortion politicians to throw the notion of supporting “safe, legal, and rare” abortions “in the dustbin,” to instead opt for abortion-on-demand with no restrictions whatsoever. 

Sherman ripped into Democrats for taking the position of “rare” abortions. She named former U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and former Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who said the following:

I think we have to get back to the point where no one is suggesting that we be celebrating an abortion at any point in the pregnancy. That there was a time in Democratic circles where we used to talk about it being something that, like, you don’t like to see but should be within the freedoms of the woman and the mother to decide. And so to me I think there is a really important tone to set, on this, where you don’t just say like, “we’re absolutist about it,” though I have to say I am relatively absolutist on this, like I think it should be completely up to a woman and her doctor and the state should not be intervening all the way through pregnancy.

But it’s a tragedy, to me, if someone decides that they don’t want to have a child and they’re on the fence and that maybe at some point later, I mean it’s a very difficult and personal decision and it should be something that we’re very sensitive to. I think that celebrating children, family, like these are universal human values. And if we manage to lead on that and then we but also say we stand for women’s reproductive rights, I think we can bring Americans closer together on a really, really important issue.

Instead of this position, Sherman contends that anything but pure unmitigated access to abortion and praise of the horrific act is “shaming.” She writes, “politicians feel the need to shame us, with some—like members of the Biden administration—refusing to even mention the word ‘abortion’ in statements praising its legality. And we’re supposed to be thankful?” 

“Demanding abortion be ‘rare’ is stigmatizing at its core; it posits that having an abortion is a bad decision and one that a pregnant person shouldn’t have to make, and if they do, it must be in the direst of circumstances. This messaging tells those of us who’ve had abortions that we did something wrong to need an abortion, and we shouldn’t do it again. It unfairly stigmatizes people who will have more than one abortion, which is nearly half of abortion patients,” Sherman continues.

The fact that many Democrat members are hesitant to the action of abortion bothers the writer, however, the truth is that any abortion leaves a permanent mark on women who have had one, and that is reflected in depression and suicide rates of post-abortive women. Regret after abortions is present in statistics.

But despite those facts, Sherman insists, “Making abortion ‘rare’ or even ‘legal’ isn’t the goal; like ‘rare,’ ‘legality’ is an arbitrary marker that allows for the criminalization of people who may choose to safely take medication abortion pills or herbs on their own. The goal is to make abortion decriminalized, accessible, supported, and as plentiful as necessary.” 

What are your thoughts on Renee Bracey Sherman’s extreme abortion stance that no matter what, abortion should be both legalized and “destigmatized”? 

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Jemini Cricket
Jemini Cricket
7 months ago

These women are nor just baby killers, but nation killers. Any Nation that is wicked enough to adopt these extreme policies will bring the wrath of God down on that Nation. I pray that The Holy Spirit will draw, even drag these women to Christ before it is too late.