A 38-year-old Nigerian woman was found dead on Sunday after taking abortion drugs to kill the baby in her womb.

According to Life News:

PM News reports Enobong Udoh, 38, was discovered dead Sunday morning in her apartment in Igbogbo, Lagos, Nigeria.

Lagos State Police said a neighbor, Blessing Pius, contacted police after finding the woman’s body, The Eagle Online reports.

Later, police said they arrested Udoh’s boyfriend, Wisdom Okoro, 50, of Orlu.

According to police, Okoro said his girlfriend told him that she was pregnant in February. According to police, Okoro said he went to visit Udoh on April 10 and she told him that she “had terminated her pregnancy.” Local news reports suggest she took abortion drugs to end her unborn baby’s life and Okoro may have bought them for her.

Police said they still have many unanswered questions, and they are investigating Okoro for homicide.

In 2008, the Centers for Disease Control reported more than 400 women died from legal abortions in the United States, including 12 that year. However, the numbers likely are much higher. Some states do not report their abortion data to the CDC, and the abortion industry does not always report complications to the state, even when required to do so.

World-wide, it is not known how many women die along with their unborn babies in abortions.

Many complications can arise from abortions, both surgical and medicated, and can result in infection, inability to have children again, and even death.

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Elizabeth Estrada aka CHIAKIA

LISTEN UP….MANY WOMEN Do NOT Know the DANGERS of ABORTIONS. IT is NOT Like Getting Your TONSILS Removed or a Tooth Extraction. The PUBLIC Need to Be Made AWARE of the CONSEQUENCES. From SamuraiQueen. 😩😩😩

5 months ago

It just goes to show that Satan’s in control of the White House