A new video on social media has popped up showing an incredible invention to help folks with Parkinson’s disease and spasticity-related conditions where muscles stiffen or tighten, preventing normal fluid movement. 

Fredrik Lundqvist, a Swedish chiropractor is the founder of Exoneural Network and inventor of the Exopulse Mollii Suit, which “is a medical assistive device for neuromodulation, consisting of a pair of trousers, a jacket and a detachable control unit. The garment includes 58 [e]mbedded electrodes, positioned to stimulate 40 key muscles throughout the body, and which can be programmed according to individual needs.” 

“Through low frequency electro stimulation, EXOPULSE Mollii Suit reliefs chronic pain and relaxes spastic and tense muscles safely and simply. It also activates muscles to regain control and prevent disuse atrophy and it may also increase local blood circulation.” 

The incredible invention is helping people with disabilities relieve pain and live their lives to the fullest. Check out a before and after video of this incredible invention: 


Read more about this innovative technology that is transforming peoples’ lives on Exopulse’s website here


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