Netflix’s “Handmaid’s Tale” has been known to be a pro-abortion propaganda series pushing anti-life conspiracy theories and ideas.

It has recently outdone itself by bashing pro-life pregnancy centers in its latest season.

According to Life News, “The May 5 episode ‘Milk’ gives viewers a flashback of the handmaid Janine (Madeline Brewer) before the United States was turned into a religious oligarchy known as Gilead. Back then, she was a single mother who unexpectedly became pregnant again. Not feeling ready to handle another baby, Janine goes to a clinic to have an abortion only to come across a crisis pregnancy center.” 

“There, she doesn’t mince words about how upset she is at apparently being tricked while the volunteer has the nerve to tell her she’s capable of caring for her own baby.”

Darla: Abortion is dangerous. I don’t want you to go through with it if you don’t have to.

Janine: Uh, well, I want to go through with it. That’s why I’m here.

Darla: Well, we don’t do them here.

Janine: What? Well, why the fuck would you have me come in here? What is this place?

Darla: Somewhere we can help you understand what happens when you choose abortion. They insert a tube into you and use it to tear the baby apart.

Janine: Jesus Christ.

Darla: They pull it out piece by piece. And if a tiny piece is left inside, like a toe or a finger, the infection makes you infertile. Your body was made to keep that baby, not get rid of it. All women regret doing this, Janine. You think you’ll be fine. But no one’s fine after killing their baby.

Janine: You don’t know s**t about me.

Darla: I know you’re used to being underestimated, you think you can’t do this, but you’re strong, you’re smart, and you’d be a great mom. You have no idea how much you would love this baby.


Dr. Thomas: Do you want to be pregnant right now?

Janine: No.

Dr. Thomas: And you’re comfortable with your choice? You’re making this decision yourself?

Janine: Yes.

Dr. Thomas: Then the rest is none of my business. I am required by law to tell you that an abortion procedure can lead to an increased risk of breast cancer, infertility, and depression. And not by law, I’m also gonna say that’s a bunch of crap.

Janine: The other place made it sound like something really horrible would happen.

Dr. Thomas: Did you search abortion clinics online and end up there? They’re called “crisis pregnancy centers,” and they lie to women to convince them to keep unwanted pregnancies. I’m sorry you had to go through that. You take one now, and four tomorrow morning. You’ll have some cramping and bleeding. Maybe some fatigue and nausea. But if your symptoms last more than two days, I want you to call me.

Janine: That’s it?

Dr. Thomas: You already did the hard part.

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1 year ago

I am for all lives mattering….especially the unborn. God wills it.

1 year ago

Everything that comes out of hollywood and New York is satanic propaganda!