On Thursday after the Texas Senate passed the Heartbeat Bill, protecting babies after a heartbeat is detected, Gov. Greg Abbott pleaded to sign the legislation.

“We’re addressing every issue in the entire state that will make lives better for everybody, including innocent, unborn children,” the governor said. “What this bill seeks to do is once a heartbeat is detected in a mother’s womb, at that time it would be inappropriate to take the life of that baby. Texas has taken a position that innocent life is so important.”

Life News reports:

Pro-life leaders celebrated after the bill passed the state Senate on Thursday. Texas Right to Life senior legislative associate Rebecca Parma told LifeNews.com she was delighted by the vote.

“The Texas Heartbeat Act is the strongest pro-life bill passed by the Legislature since Roe v. Wade and will save thousands of lives. This is a historic day and now is the time to build on our momentum. State lawmakers must use the remaining weeks of session to pass additional life-saving legislation like the Texas Abolition Strategy and the Respecting Texas Patients’ Right to Life Act,” she said.

“The Texas Heartbeat Act is novel in approach, allowing for citizens to hold abortionists accountable through private lawsuits. No heartbeat law passed by another state has taken this strategy. Additionally, the bill does not punish women who obtain abortions,” Parma added.

“This bill says for the little baby inside her mother’s womb, if there is a heartbeat detected, that little baby will be protected,” the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola said.

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Mary Hammers
Mary Hammers
1 year ago

Abortion is murder and should be banned.

1 year ago

Pray that every governor and legislative body in our country (and free world) create and pass a law similar to Tennessee’s new law that required the cremation or burial of the human (whatever is removed) from an abortion at the facilities expense. The mother has final say of that chi9c.

1 year ago

It is a good start, but every human life is precious throughout its existence, and that means from conception, when it begins.