California is often known to be one of the least pro-life states in the nation. But now, far-left pro-abortion legislators are going to new heights to gag and silence pro-lifers.

According to Life News:

Senate Bill 742 would impose hefty fines – and jail terms – on anyone picketing within 300 feet of any vaccination site. The bill does not limit the picketing to COVID vaccine protests or sites that provide COVID shots. Planned Parenthood offers STD vaccines (e.g., Gardasil), which means they are a “vaccination site,” so sidewalk counselors would be prohibited from holding signs on the public sidewalk outside every Planned Parenthood in California.

This bill has NOTHING to do with COVID and EVERYTHING to do with suppressing pro-life speech. If it passes, it will be challenged and struck down, but the fact that legislators are willing to resort to such obviously unconstitutional measures is deeply troubling. We have registered our strong opposition to SB 742.

California legislators are looking to expand the state’s FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinics) Act by adding new crimes and enhancing the penalties for existing provisions. SB 32 would make it a crime to film, record, or photograph an abortionist, abortion assistant (including escorts), or abortion clinic patient within 100 feet of the entrance to an abortion mill with the intent to intimidate that person from “becoming or remaining” a patient, abortionist, or assistant. We often encourage pro-lifers to keep a photographic record while they are on the sidewalk, just in case they are harassed or assaulted. It is not hard to imagine how this provision could be used against sidewalk counselors if a woman is photographed or recorded and then decides she no longer wants Planned Parenthood to kill her baby. Under the bill, the pro-lifer could face felony charges.

SB 32 also requires local police officers to report so-called “anti-reproductive-rights crime-related calls for assistance” to the California Attorney General. Note that it says nothing about calls related to crimes committed against pro-lifers. As I’ve reported before, we are seeing a disturbing increase in the number of assaults, threats, harassment, attacks, and other crimes against sidewalk counselors and others outside abortion clinics.

The assaults on pro-lifers are just getting stronger as the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to decide a Missouri case, which could overturn Roe v. Wade. Roe being overturned would mean abortion goes back to the states to decide when and how to regulate the killing of unborn children through abortion.

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Jane Doedoe
1 year ago

How are these bills helping anyone? Honestly, no one is entitled to an opinion, unless that opinion agrees with opposing party. That’s not freedom. That’s not America. Why is it okay to promote one belief, but not a differing belief? Isn’t that intolerance? Isn’t that hypocritical?

Last edited 1 year ago by Jane Doedoe
1 year ago

More communism! Thank you stupid Gavin Newsom 😡