On Wednesday, pro-life Tennessee leaders defended babies in the womb in front of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. The 2015 law institutes a 48-hour waiting period before a mother can kill her baby in an abortion. 

According to Life News:

Sarah Campbell, associate solicitor general and special assistant to the Tennessee Attorney General, told the court that Tennessee should be allowed to encourage mothers to choose life for their unborn babies.

“The first interest is protecting unborn life and that is persuading some women to choose childbirth over abortion …” Campbell said.

However, attorney Amber Katz, who represents the abortion facilities, argued that the law is unconstitutional because it imposes an undue burden on women’s access to abortion, according to the report. She said the waiting period adds another trip and additional costs for women seeking abortions, and more than half of the Tennessee women who have abortions live in poverty.

But Campbell said the law helps women, too, by ensuring that they receive informed consent and time to consider the information before going through with the abortion.

“The other interest is in protecting women’s health by preventing the adverse outcomes that could come with making a rash decision or uniformed decision,” she told the court.

The law has been enforced for years and the Sixth Circuit had allowed the state to enforce the law again in April.  

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Paul Otts
Paul Otts
1 year ago

Roe v Wade should have been returned to the States as that isn’t defined in the Constitution as Federal jurisdiction.

1 year ago

Abortion is the act of murdering unborn babies & it must be stopped by making/passing laws to STOP THE MURDERING OF UNBORN BABIES!!