The oldest pro-abortion group NARAL now faces a tipping point with infighting from pro-abortion extremists on who will lead it following the departure of its former head Ilyse Hogue amid cries that Hogue and others had been racist.


Life News notes:

Now, The Huffington Post reports the pro-abortion group’s 11 state affiliates are upset after the national board of directors announced plans to take away some of their power.

According to the report: “HuffPost first heard about the issue from a spokesperson and a lawyer representing the interests of all 11 affiliates. They said they weren’t meaningfully included in the decision and are being pushed out of the network at a time when state issues are more important than ever.”

Here’s more from the HuffPo report:

In late June, NARAL Pro-Choice America released a new five-year “Strategic Roadmap,” a plan that its board of directors say will put it on a course to “become more proactive, more powerful, and more inclusive,” according to a copy of the document obtained by HuffPost.

… [I]t’s the decision to get rid of its affiliate network that is causing the most conflict.

NARAL currently has 11 state affiliates, which are independent organizations tied to the national organization. They set their own agendas and raise their own funds ― with some money coming from national ― while working with the other state affiliates and the national group.

As the Strategic Roadmap lays out, NARAL intends to turn to a “chapter” model, meaning the state groups will lose their independence and become NARAL staffers.

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F F Tramutola Jr.
F F Tramutola Jr.
4 months ago

Pro abortion group ( BABY MURDERERS ) should consider killing each other. THAT WOULD BE A PUBLIC SERVICE. Ask yourself, “ would you kill one baby murderer to SAVE 1300 babies a day?” That is the sensible logic we need.

4 months ago

All of Satans demons squabbling over their crumbs!