A Catholic university, Mount St. Joseph University, in Ohio is facing criticism for its decision to host pro-abortion President Joe Biden at an invite-only town hall Tuesday with CNN host Don Lemon.

Life News reports:

“What compassion and charity is shown to the unborn when the university hosts a president who claims to be a Catholic, yet has the most pro-abortion administration in the history of our country?” the Ohio Right to Life asked.

Mount St. Joseph describes itself is Catholic. According to its website, “The Catholic identity of the university is rooted in our mission, in the gospel values of service, compassion and charity, and in the legacy and vision of our founders, the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati.”

Lisa Bloomfield, of Delhi, a 2006 alumna of the university, said she felt extremely disappointed to hear that the university is hosting Biden.

“The fact that he is called a ‘devout’ Catholic because he attends Sunday Mass does not negate that his behavior is considered gravely sinful by Catholic Church teaching and is therefore opposed to any such status,” Bloomfield said. “It is not in the interest of the Sisters or any Catholic institution to play host to a man who promotes the killing of unborn innocent children.”

Catholics also protested when the University of Notre Dame honored pro-abortion Biden with a prestigious award in 2016 and had pro-abortion President Barack Obama speak on campus.

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13 days ago

Another Luciferian institution ran by corrupt satanic Nazi democrats!

ms gapmom
ms gapmom
11 days ago

what a farce—why would a Catholic school do this? stand up against abortion you complete hypocrites–makes me sick America is doomed!!