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The city of Eastland, Texas has voted to declare itself a sanctuary for the unborn, effectively banning abortion from the city limits. 

Live Action reports:

Eastland, Texas (pop. 3,970), is now the 34th city in the nation (and the 31st in Texas) to pass an enforceable ordinance outlawing abortion within its city limits. After the unanimous 5-0 vote, City Commissioner Zac Darr said, “Let’s speak the truth, an unborn child is a child. Once life enters the womb that life must be protected. This ordinance prevents abortions from happening in our town. Abortion is a travesty, and it should not have been allowed to happen – ever! Here in Eastland we will not allow the killing of innocent human beings – regardless of whether those human beings are inside or outside the womb.”

Pastor Jerry Maston of River of Life Church in Eastland was one of the many citizens who worked towards the outlawing of abortion in his city. Maston first got involved in the movement when the discussion first came before the City of Abilene in July of 2019, just a month after the passage of the first local abortion ban in Waskom, Texas. When the discussion of the possibility of abortion being outlawed in Eastland was raised, Maston attended every meeting related to the effort.

“Abortion is nothing less than taking the Life of an unborn, innocent baby. Abortion appears to be innocent until it is viewed. What you don’t see must be blameless, but when it is observed it is as hideous as torturing any human being until they die,” Maston said. “Proverbs 6:17 clearly states that God hates hands that shed innocent blood. If we fail to speak in regard to this, and strongly stand against it, we become guilty as well.”

Another Eastland resident involved in the effort was Robin Hayes, County Chair for the Eastland County Republican Party. Not only did Robin help lead the charge in getting petition signatures in Carbon and Gorman — two other cities in Eastland County which outlawed abortion — she also was able to get several pharamacies in her area to voluntarily remove Plan B from their shelves.

Live Action further notes, “Like other Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinances, the Eastland Ordinance has two major enforcement mechanisms: public and private. The public enforcement mechanism establishes fines against the abortionist and anyone who aids and abets the abortionist for any abortion which takes place within the City limits of Eastland.”

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2 months ago

God blesses Eastland Texas!