In typical fashion, Planned Parenthood is kicking and screaming about new pro-life laws being implemented across the United States — this time in Montana, where pro-life laws are set to take effect on October 1. But the radical abortion business is claiming these pro-life laws are unconstitutional.

The National Review reports:

The first bill prohibits most abortions after 20 weeks’ gestation, the point at which substantial scientific evidence suggests unborn children are able to feel pain. The second law requires abortion providers to offer women an ultrasound before having an abortion, though it does not require women to assent or to view ultrasound images.

The third bill prohibits state health-insurance plans on the federal exchange from including coverage for elective abortions, a measure intended to protect the conscience rights of pro-life taxpayers.

The final law contains several policies regulating chemical abortions, the most common abortion procedure used in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Citing the complication rates of chemical abortions and emphasizing the importance of informed consent, the bill requires that doctors provide women with abortion-inducing pills only after an in-person appointment.

Under its informed-consent provisions, the law requires that doctors tell women about new medical technology that has successfully reversed half-completed chemical abortions, so that women can access resources to halt their in-progress abortion if they regret their decision.

The report notes how Planned Parenthood operates five facilities in the state, including four abortion facilities. The extremist abortion business claims the new laws are “particularly cruel and prohibitive,” despite their purpose to save children who would otherwise be killed in the womb.

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1 year ago

Our Holy Father and Lord Jesus Christ will win this one too!