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In a shocking press released by the Coalition of Jewish Values (CJV), the nation’s largest rabbinic public policy organization, the group threw its full support behind Texas’ pro-life law that will ban most abortions in the state.

Breitbart reports:

The group, which is dedicated to “restoring America’s moral foundation” and represents over 1,500 traditional, Orthodox rabbis in matters of public policy, called the new law that went into effect this month, “a step in the right direction” and “better aligned with mainstream Jewish values, Rabbinic texts, and legal codes.” 

CJV also issued a condemnation of the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), which fights to “safeguard and expand access to abortion and contraception,” accusing the left-wing group of “distorting” Jewish teachings, “devaluing” the sanctity of life, and “desecrating” God’s name.

“The Texas statute demands that human life be cherished, while recognizing that the mother’s well-being takes precedence in a medical emergency,” said CJV Southern Regional Vice President Rabbi Moshe Parnes. 

Claiming that Jewish rabbinic literature is clear that “fetuses with beating hearts are alive, just as the new Texas law mandates,” CJV called it “the accepted ruling for millennia,” which is not subject to the “whim of the modern pseudo-scholars” who attempt to “force their ‘woke’ personal values into timeless Jewish teachings.”

“They make Judaism look repugnant in the eyes of anyone who recognizes that an unborn child is a human being worthy of protection, which is the very definition of desecration of God’s name,” the group wrote.

“The simple truth is that Jewish Law prohibits abortion,” said CJV Rabbinic Circle Chairman Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer. “An on-demand approach to abortion, no matter what Jewish advocates may say, violates Judaism’s clear and emphatic declaration of the sanctity of life.”

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