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Earlier this month, country singer RaeLynn introduced “She Chose Me” to her followers via Instagram, a pro-life song. 

The Daily Wire reports:

“‘She Chose Me,’ one of the tracks on BAYTOWN, hits close to home for me in many ways,” the singer posted. “This album’s got a lot of sass and bass but I promised you I will always write from the heart and not shy away from the hard subjects. This song is my heart.”

Taste of Country noted that the song outlines “‘a Bible Belt-lovin’ believer’ who gets pregnant after an extramarital affair with a man on Galveston Bay and, the lyrics imply, considers getting an abortion,” but in the end chooses her daughter.

RaeLynn also praises the joy of motherhood in the album. “‘Made for Me to Love,’ a love letter to her infant daughter Daisy, in January, when she was only eight weeks pregnant,” Taste of Country said. “She says she arrived at the writing session feeling ‘super emotional’ and, despite the axiom about waiting to share pregnancy news until after the first trimester, she told her co-writers that she was pregnant before sitting down to write the song.”


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Eugene Kadrmas
2 months ago

I believe in life he said I know you in your mother’s womb

Salem Zahn
Salem Zahn
2 months ago
Reply to  Eugene Kadrmas

John The Baptist leapt in Elizabeth’s womb when Mary entered her house carrying King Jesus in her womb! Baby John knew he was in the presence of the one and only King! Our only savior! Hallelujah Jesus/Yeshua! Thank you Lord for salvation!