Credit: John Pisciotta:

The fall 40 Days for Life campaign is stepping up the stats of its life-saving success, according to Live Action.

Live Action reports:

The popular semi-annual pro-life initiative has seen an increase in the number participating cities and the number of babies saved. And multiple local 40 Days for Life campaign leaders have witnessed parents who were planning to have an abortion change their mind when they learned that they were pregnant with twins.

The fall 2021 campaign is the largest ever with 612 cities worldwide, said Steve Karlen, Campaign Director for 40 Days for Life. The group’s reports say there has been 48% more saved babies than the initiative’s three-year average.

Since the first coordinated 40 Days for Life campaign in 2007 the vigil has been held in over 1000 cities in 63 countries. 40 Days also reports 19,505 lives saved through the campaign since 2007, 114 abortion centers closed, and 222 abortion workers quitting the industry.

During the fall 2021 campaign leaders confirmed four sets of twins saved from abortion.

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1 month ago

Half the battle. We need to end an abortionist for ever baby saved.

1 month ago

All the abortionists out there: LOOK IN MIRROR, you should be the one dismembered and sold for parts. LETS MAKE LATE TERM, any time they breathe. SAVE THE BABIES, EXTERMINATE ABORTIONISTS.