A Planned Parenthood facility in St. Paul, Minnesota. Via Wikimedia Commons.

The pro-life Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has weighed in on the Supreme Court’s upcoming review of a Mississippi law banning abortion at 15 weeks, arguing that the scandals its undercover investigations have exposed underscore the need to uphold protections for babies in this gestational window.

Life Site News reports:

The Court announced in May that it would be hearing Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which concerns Mississippi’s HB 1510 law banning abortions from being committed past 15 weeks for any reason other than physical medical emergencies or severe fetal abnormalities. After its enactment in 2019, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals deemed it unconstitutional because of an “unbroken line dating to Roe v. Wade,” the 1973 ruling which imposed on all 50 states a “right” to pre-viability abortion.

Pro-lifers hope the case will result in the overturn of longstanding pro-abortion judicial precedent, and finally allow states and the elected branches of government to directly prohibit abortion. Oral arguments are slated to begin December 1.

“The unborn babies Mississippi is trying to protect with this law are the same age as those most at risk of being trafficked for organ harvesting and experiments,” CMP says in a video released Monday. “High-level Planned Parenthood leaders caught on CMP’s undercover footage consistently admitted that babies older than 15 weeks were needed for body parts harvesting.”

The original CMP videos released in 2015 unveiled a string of revelations about the abortion industry breaking multiple federal laws against profiting off human tissue, altering abortion procedures for the sake of procuring better tissue samples, and potentially even committing partial-birth abortions or infanticide; as well as video examples of abortion workers displaying callousness toward the humanity of the children their work killed.

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Tom Allen
Tom Allen
8 months ago

So Planned Parenthood wants to grow their harvest farms inside the mothers until they can be used for experimentation and let”s not forget…MORE MONEY!
Believe it or not (opinions don”t really matter) there is One God that has condemned
the slaughter of innocent children. Someday each of us will stand before him and account for our sins and actions here on earth. I can’t imagine how these people will plead before the Great White Throne.
Abortion is murder, prove me wrong!

8 months ago

Identify the baby killers. GET THEM ALL.