Pro-abortion rally from Grove City, OH, via Wikimedia Commons.

Abortion activists and several prominent journalists criticized the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday for not fulfilling their expectations with a ruling about the Texas heartbeat law.

Life News reports:

Steven Mazie, a journalist at The Economist, accused the high court of “faking out” Americans by not ruling on the abortion case Monday.

“SCOTUS faked us all out: no TX abortion ruling today,” Mazie wrote on Twitter.

But the Supreme Court justices did not give any indication about whey they may rule on the case. It was journalists and other court watchers who anticipated that the high court might issue an opinion on the Texas case based on a generic notice on the court website stating that it would publish at least one opinion Monday. The Supreme Court hears many cases and the notice did not give any indication about what case or cases it planned to rule on Monday.

That did not stop CNN from making a similar claim, beginning its story with, “Women in Texas who have been blocked from exercising their constitutional right to obtain an abortion for almost three months had reason to expect Monday that the Supreme Court was poised to rule on challenges to the state restrictions.”

“If we still believed that the Supreme Court actually wanted to protect our constitutional rights that went out the window (once again) this am,” said MiQuel Davies, who works with the pro-abortion group Physicians for Reproductive Health. “There is a constitutional right to abortion. S.B.8 is unconstitutional and cruel. I can’t.”

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5 months ago

The unhinged should seriously consider suicide. INSTEAD OF KILLING INNOCENT, DEFENSELESS BABIES, they should do humanity a favor and KILL THEMSELVES. WE WILL GLADLY FUND THAT.