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The future of the right to life is in the U.S. Supreme Court’s hands, where the 6-3 conservative majority may be poised to strike down or severely limit the impact of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision legalizing the life-ending procedure.

Fox News reports:

An upcoming case from Mississippi represents arguably the court’s most dramatic opportunity to overturn its own precedent since Brown v. Board of Education.

That may be because few social issues draw as much personal and political passion as the constitutional right to abortion, with the nationwide legal fights over its access dating back nearly 50 years.

The nine justices on Wednesday morning will hear a challenge to a government ban on abortions after 15 weeks

At issue: whether any state law that prohibits pre-viability elective abortions is unconstitutional. Mississippi officials are boldly asking the court to overturn its 1973 Roe precedent, where abortions are legal nationwide until about the 24th week– the point of viability where the fetus can survive outside the womb.

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8 months ago

If SCOTUS does not do their job, as frequently is the case because they are ccp complicit lice, they should be aborted.

Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
8 months ago

Inexplicably, this issue triggers hysteria on both sides. My understanding is it merely moves authority from the federal government to the states. Not that my opinion matters to anyone, I believe it’s a personal matter between obstetrician and patient.

Planned Parenthood would continue to receive colossal sums of taxpayer money for medical assistance to expectant mothers and function under state authority. Abortion rules would protect unborn babies and I would hope obstetricians would be required to have admitting privileges to a nearby hospital.

8 months ago
Reply to  Gene Ralno

Well, not that it matters to you, but this government of the people, by the people, and for the people has become one of, if not the most corrupted nation of all the governments of the world.  
The U.S. began turning away from God in the 1920s if not earlier, when they started allowing the teachings of evolution over creation first in the universities, and then later in her high schools. Thanks to Madelyn O’Hara they outlawed prayer in the high schools in the early 1960 or so… They allowed the spreading of homosexuality throughout the country, they allowed the publication and the spread of pornography throughout the nation, then on Jan. 22, 1973, the Supreme Court Justices made the most devastating decisions of all for the murdering of the most innocent of all of God’s creation in the wombs of their mothers, and from this point on the Supreme Court has done everything they could to dishonor and anger the One who gave them life. 
On the very night that Daniel spoke to Belshazzar the king of Babylon, he was killed, and Babylon was destroyed because the king had mocked God- Mene; God hath numbered thy kingdom and finished it. Tekel; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. Peres; Thy kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians (Daniel 5:26-28). 

Thanks be to the liberals, and to those that don’t really care one way or another, and even the silence coming from many of the churches, about upholding the righteousness and holiness of God and His WORD, the United States has been receiving God’s warnings of destruction since the mid-1980s by the heathen nations of China, Russia, and possibly one other nation, which is believed to be North Korea… 
In Aug. 1994, after reading the WTC Building Engineer’s report on the #2 Tower which was bombed on Feb. 26, 1993, I laid face down on my floor and began praying… After this prayer the Holy Spirit spoke through my lips saying, “They will return to ‘HIT’ this tower again, when they do, they will ‘TAKE’ this tower to the ground.” As a watchman, I shared God’s warning for the next seven years as I traveled mostly from coast to coast… After having been screamed and cursed many times, I replied, I can pretty well guarantee you this will happen, God does not lie, nor does He make mistakes.

The United States stands on the very edge of the abyss, and God has found this nation in want of righteousness and holiness…  
No president, and no Supreme Court, and not even all of the United States Armed Forces can save that which God has given over for destruction…  
God will save the individuals who repent of their sins and turn to accept Yeshua, the Christ as their LORD and Savior, but He will not save this nation. The Holy Spirit whispered in my left ear on Jan. 22, 1997, saying, “I will repay the United States double for her iniquities,” 

phil tennessee
phil tennessee
8 months ago

“That may be because few social issues draw as much personal and political passion as the constitutional right to abortion…….”

Way to go Fox. There is NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO AN ABORTION. I am pro abortion but was and is an overreach on the Constitution. No where in the Constitution is there a right to an abortion. This issue must be put on a national ballot and voted on by populace if passed then there is a right to abortion.

8 months ago

Pray this passes and abortion is stopped. In this world no one has to get pregnant. Abortion is not birth control. Birth control is the action you take BEFORE the act…after is your own fault.