Life News reports:

The Kansans for Life Political Action Committee (KFL PAC) is proud to endorse Attorney General Derek Schmidt for Governor. Additionally, the PAC is making a historic, early endorsement of Congressmen Ron Estes (KS-4), Jake LaTurner (KS-2) and Tracey Mann (KS-1) for re-election.

The pro-life group is also proud to endorse Jerry Moran for re-election to the United States Senate.

The endorsement of Attorney General Schmidt comes as he seeks to unseat current Governor and abortion fanatic Laura Kelly in November. Prior to the November election, pro-life Kansans will fight the most consequential battle in our movement’s history with the Value Them Both Amendment on the ballot August 2nd. The Amendment will protect existing limits on the industry, which are in danger of being eliminated due to a 2019 Kansas Supreme Court ruling.

“Derek Schmidt has been a true defender of life as Attorney General,” said Melissa Leach, KFL PAC Manager. “His work to defend our existing pro-life laws and support for the Value Them Both Amendment is well-documented. We are confident that he will carry this same commitment to the Governor’s mansion.”

Democrat Laura Kelly has gone above and beyond to do the industry’s bidding. In 2020, her executive action led to a 9.1% increase in abortions in Kansas, the single largest annual percentage increase since the 1990s. National press outlets have even noted Kansas as a destination for abortion on Kelly’s watch.


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