Pro-abortion rally from Grove City, OH, via Wikimedia Commons.

Life News reports:

Reports from the Pennsylvania Department of Health show Pennsylvania is reporting fewer births, while the state’s abortion industry — which is suing the state to force taxpayers to fund elective abortions — is profiting from more abortions and failing numerous state inspections.

Nine of Pennsylvania’s 17 freestanding abortion facilities failed at least one inspection last year, including six of the 12 Planned Parenthood abortion facilities, meaning over half of the state’s abortion mills failed a state inspection last year.

“This is unacceptable,” said Michael Geer, President of Pennsylvania Family Institute. “These entities, many of which get taxpayer subsidies, have a history of putting profits over patients. That couldn’t be more apparent than in these recent findings. This abortion industry continues to put women at risk while taking the lives of thousands of preborn children for money. Pennsylvanians deserve better.”

According to the report, the following facilities failed their health inspections:

  1. Allegheny Reproductive Health Center

  2. Allentown Women’s Center

  3. Philadelphia Women’s Center

  4. Planned Parenthood Keystone – Allentown

  5. Planned Parenthood Keystone – Warminster

  6. Planned Parenthood Southeastern PA – Comly Rd, Philadelphia

  7. Planned Parenthood Southeastern PA – Locust St, Philadelphia

  8. Planned Parenthood Southeastern PA – West Chester

  9. Planned Parenthood Western PA

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Dale Brown
Dale Brown
1 year ago

I stand with Jesus Christ with whom you will give an account! Planned murder is called 1st degree murder and punishable even here by death!

Philip Hammersley
Philip Hammersley
1 year ago

Kermit Gosnell is the poster guy for the pro-aborts. His death-camp wasn’t inspected under the DIMMwit governors or RINO Tom Ridge. These politicians are accomplices to MURDER!

1 year ago

Tax dollars should not be used to fund abortion – period! This is what happens when tax money is used for things that it should never be used for. One group is paying for something that the other half doesn’t want.
Sorry, if you want an abortion, pay for it yourself! It shouldn’t even be covered by insurance of any kind.