Pro-abortion rally in Grove City, OH. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Minnesota law professor Laura Hermer recycled the flawed “every child a wanted child” slogan this week in an opinion piece that describes killing unborn babies in abortions as a “pro-child” solution.

Writing at the MinnPost, the Mitchell Hamline School of Law professor evoked sympathy for her pro-abortion argument by bringing up the potential suffering that a child and its mother could face from poverty, abuse, neglect and other causes. To Hermer, these are good reasons for aborting an unborn baby.

“What sense does it make to knowingly doom babies to a life of poverty and neglect in the absence of effective programs to support mothers and infants?” Hermer wrote. One of her solutions is more support for families in need — something many pro-life advocates also are advocating for. But her other “solution” is allowing women to abort their unborn babies.

“The only person who should be permitted to choose whether or not to continue a pregnancy is the person who will bear primary responsibility to love, raise, and care for the resulting child,” Hermer wrote. “That is the pregnant person. No activist, religious institution, court, or state can make such a consequential decision for a competent adult.”

Read more at Life News.

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Mary Geiger
5 months ago

How about thinking about this before becoming pregnant? Minnesota isn’t so Minnesota Nice after all if their advice is to kill unborn babies because MAYBE, just MAYBE, they might face poverty. Get the PILL, get some contraceptive for the male in your life. Get your tubes tied, have the male in your life get a vasectomy. What’s so hard about those decisions? Or how about, I have a headache tonight. Just stop killing babies.

Zues Papadopoulos
Zues Papadopoulos
5 months ago

The only people suffering are those that have to listen to her dribble. Why wasn’t she aborted? That would have been more humane.