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A group of students at the College of William and Mary in Virginia has launched an Instagram page with the intention of trolling the university’s pro-life group.

Students for Life of America (SFLA) has a chapter at William and Mary, and the members call themselves the Tribe for Life. According to SFLA, the pro-life students often face hostility on campus, with displays getting destroyed or stolen. But the harassment has now moved online, with an Instagram page specifically targeting the Tribe for Life, called Tribe for Death.

In its bio, the Tribe for Death describes themselves as “pro abortion” and “anti pregnancy” and states, “Hey there tribe for life [kiss-face emoji] DISCLAIMER: this account is 100% a joke aimed only at clowning our campus’s anti abortion group.”

The posts included on the page are clearly meant to be offensive, including one comparing a preborn baby to a spoonful of jam in a person’s hand. The Instagram page again specifically calls out the pro-life students; the video shows the blob of jelly first, before cutting to someone making a sandwich, with a caption reading, “Hey @tribeforlifewm do you want a sandwich?”

Read more at Live Action.

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5 months ago

Save the babies, kill the murderers and their supporters.

Jim Darnall
Jim Darnall
5 months ago

Good people do good things. Fight against abortion because it’s the right thing to do. A new born baby is a blessing sent from God to be a gift of love. The time is getting closer that people will face their Creator. Think about that.

5 months ago
Reply to  Jim Darnall

Amen… Those who have shed the most innocent blood of all life, will soon be standing before Christ Jesus as He is seated on the Great White Throne, and their trial will be just, and quick, and their sentence will be called an everlasting punishment, with no possibility of parole.