Governor Whitmer & Mayor Duggan Crime Reduction Press Conference - Farewell Rec/Kids Camp 08.16.2021. City of Detroit.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and abortion-rights groups filed lawsuits Thursday to challenge the state abortion ban.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sued local prosecutors in an Oakland County state court, asking a judge to block them from enforcing the state’s abortion ban, on the grounds that the prohibition violates the state’s Constitution.

The governor said she also is asking the Michigan Supreme Court to weigh in immediately on whether the state’s constitution protects the right to abortion.

It is unusual for a sitting governor to sue to challenge her own state’s laws, but Ms. Whitmer said the state’s constitution gives her the authority to go to court to protect state constitutional rights.

In a separate new case, Planned Parenthood of Michigan and a Michigan abortion provider filed a lawsuit against the state’s Democratic attorney general seeking a court order restraining prosecutors in the state from enforcing the abortion ban, which dates back to 1931.

Will Gov. Whitmer’s challenge prevail?

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F F Tramutola Jr.
F F Tramutola Jr.
1 month ago

Remove SOROS WHORE NOW. She’s party to election fraud and violates constitutional rights regularly.

1 month ago

Can a liberal Democrat go to heaven while supporting the killing of innocent children. NO!!! I don’t care what Michigan’s Constitution states. It’s only a document that has been prepared by human beings that are fallible. Nowhere in God’s word does it provide for the killing of children. There are three inailable rights given by God our creator-Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and those cannot be taken away by man through any written document. The Michigan Governor had better try to enjoy life on this earth because in hell, she will hear the cries of every child that was killed.

1 month ago

what is her position on stray dogs and cats??