The flag of Texas flying in Austin via Wikimedia Commons.

The City of Marquez, Texas (pop. 313), has become the 48th city in the nation (and the 43rd in Texas) to pass an enforceable ordinance outlawing abortion within its city limits. The Marquez Ordinance Outlawing Abortion, which was the first item on the agenda, was passed unanimously, with no one present speaking in opposition to the measure.

Prior to the vote, Mayor Stynette Clary recognized the measure to be preventative, as a way to be proactive in their community. Alderwoman Diane Bates made the motion to pass the ordinance with Alderman Cody Clary and Alderman Danny Rangel both seconding the motion to pass the ordinance at the same time.

The vote makes Marquez the fourth municipality in Leon County to pass an ordinance outlawing abortion. The first city in the county to outlaw abortion was the city of Centerville (pop. 892) followed by the small town of Leona (pop. 175), followed by the city of Jewett (pop. 1,250). So far, every city council which has voted in Leon County has been unanimous in their decision to outlaw abortion.

The effort to see abortion outlawed in Leon County began in summer 2019 when Centerville resident Carly Hickman heard about the City of Waskom (pop. 2,189) outlawing abortion. Hickman started to share throughout the community about her desire to see the cities of Leon County follow in the footsteps of Waskom and make sure abortion never became a reality in their cities. The first person to have signed the online petition to see abortion outlawed in Marquez was Kristy Steadman in May 2020 – a time when only 13 cities had outlawed abortion. Steadman described why she wanted to see abortion outlawed in her city in six short words: “It is murder, plain and simple.”

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26 days ago

They should also issue hunting permits for abortionists. They are vicious, rabid, infected animals.