Pro-abortion rally from Grove City, OH, via Wikimedia Commons.

Congressman Markwayne Mullin wants harsher penalties for abortionists who kill unborn babies in violation of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban.

This spring, the Oklahoma Republican introduced legislation that would punish abortionists with five years to life in prison without parole if they violate the federal law, according to The Daily Wire.

“Partial-birth abortion is a cruel and gruesome means to ending human life,” Mullin told the news outlet. “As a father of six children, including three that came into our lives through the blessing of adoption, I believe wholeheartedly that every human life is precious and that life begins in the womb. We have to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.”

His bill, the Partial-Birth Abortion Is Murder Act, would amend the federal law to include harsher penalties for violators. Currently, abortionists who kill unborn babies in partial-birth abortions can be punished with fines and up to two years in prison.

Read more at Life News.

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2 years ago

Let’s level the playing field. Baby murderers have a huge head start. Calculate how many babies they’ve murdered. Stop ALL abortions until WE EQUAL DEATHS BY ABORTION, FOR ALL THE BABY KILLERS. MILLIONS OF BABY KILLERS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR EXECUTION. IF WE ELIMINATE BABY KILLERS, PROBLEM IS SOLVED.

Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
2 years ago

If taxpayers didn’t fund Planned Parenthood, these promoters would have little reason to demonstrate. And the argument would collapse since it pushes against human nature to force payment for an unwanted product. They need to change the color of their eared kitty-cat hats.