Joe Biden meets with the New Democrat Coalition in the Roosevelt Room, Wednesday, March 30, 2022, at the White House. (Official White House Photo by Erin Scott). Via Wikimedia Commons.

According to Life News:

During a fundraising speech to top Democrat donors last night, Joe Biden slammed the “brutality” of the Supreme Court’s draft ruling overturning Roe v. Wade but ignored the brutality of how babies are dismembered in abortions.

Biden spoke at a Democratic National Committee Fundraiser Wednesday night at the Marriott Marquis Chicago, where he devoted several minutes to blasting Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s draft of a ruling to reverse Roe, which allowed abortion on demand throughout pregnancy.

Biden told the crowd that “if this draft opinion in the Supreme Court turns out to be the opinion of the Supreme Court, it is everything that some of us talked about before.”

Biden bragged about how he led the fight to stop conservative Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, who could have been an earlier vote to overturn Roe years ago and protect millions of babies from abortions. And then he went on to discuss the “brutality” of the draft opinion.

“(W)hat we’re talking about here. It’s not only the brutality of taking away a woman’s right to control her own body and all the damage that does physically, psychologically, practically,” Biden said, “But it also, if you read the opinion — if it turns out to be the same opinion — basically says there is no such thing as a right to privacy.”



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Trump Lost
Trump Lost
4 days ago

That clump of cells is NOT a baby… life begins at birth, when the (now) baby breathes!

Kenneth Scott Duncan
Reply to  Trump Lost

If you are so certain, you can argue it with God when you are judged. Pills and condoms are cheaper and are not murder.

Mary Geiger
3 days ago

The decline of the human race as we know it. Humans used tp have the instinct of survival but nowadays too many humans are gladly advocating death. They still want their safety, they want to be protected, but feel righteous about denying that protection to the littlest of humans. We are either monsters who think murdering their young makes them feel stronger or we are prey now. These unbalanced people are changing and damaging lives.

Mary Carter
Mary Carter
3 days ago

Trump Lost: Have you seen the photos of the baby being torn apart out of the womb and yes he or she does feel pain. I hope and pray you will gain some compassion for human life before it is too late.

3 days ago

The hypocrisy of ‘good Catholics’ like Brandon does not help matters. The Lord will straighten him out, either in this world or in the NEXT.