Cross atop Chinese Southern Baptist Church (also known as Chinese Baptist Church), International District, Seattle, Washington, listed on the National Register of Historic Places (ID #86002094). Via Wikimedia Commons.

A black man in the UK who is well known for his opposition to progressive dogma has allegedly been denied being ordained a priest within the Church of England over his political views.

Having risen to prominence in Britain for criticising the Black Lives Matter movement and claiming that the UK gave everyone an equal opportunity to succeed, GB News’ Calvin Robinson has since gained a substantial following on social media and a position as a TV host and pundit.

However, this fame appears like it may have cost him the priesthood, with Robinson now alleging that his “anti-woke views” have resulted in senior members of the extremely progressive Church of England blocking him from being ordained.

According to a report by The Telegraph, this claim is backed up by a number of internal Church of England emails that Robinson gained access to through a subject access request (SAR), which showed senior officials discussing whether to ordain the man over his right-leaning viewpoints.

Read more at Breitbart News.

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Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
6 months ago

My mother was our Presbyterian Church pianist for 60 years. And later she moved into a Presbyterian retirement home where she passed away at age 96. My children were christened into a Methodist Church because it was near to our home.

When protestant and Catholic churches began open support for illegal alien presence, we ended our affiliation with organized religion by any name. Our children are middle aged now and have not returned to church. The reason is political activity is not the business of religion.

Britain continues to celebrate royalty and the notion that a constitutional republic might be good for them is unthinkable. George III was militarily ejected from the New World because freedom creates strength. And prosperity is a natural result of strength.

Only by acceptance of the 1st Amendment are churches allowed to exist in this nation. They abused that human right and lost tens of millions who donated tens of billions to support them. Britain continues with its national religion and the U.S. simply allows churches a tax free existence.

Their future in this nation now depends on their reaction to open borders.

6 months ago
Reply to  Gene Ralno

I somewhat agree with your comment. I am Protestant and affilitated with many other sister churches who have not, and will not, support illegal immigrants coming into this country simply because it violates our laws. I will say this; if our congregation were to support this issue, I will NOT end my affilitation with the church. I will begin fighting even harder to bring to light God’s word and His purpose. As for the tax-exempt status for the church. I could care less about that and in fact, will give our tax-exempt status back to the government because we will not be ruled by governmental policy regarding our stance on lawful issues. Jesus went all the way to the cross for us. The least we can do is take a stand and fight that spiritual battle for Him.

Trump Lost
Trump Lost
6 months ago

Good that he was blocked… he should enter the American Taliban (Christianity!)