Last year, an inquest found that a woman in the United Kingdom died after taking the abortion pill in March 2020, which led to sepsis and, eventually, death. Now the cause of 31-year-old Sarah Dunn’s death has been confirmed by the assistant coroner.

Louise Rae, Assistant Coroner for Blackpool & Fylde, confirmed that Sarah Dunn would have survived had she been given medical attention earlier, in a report that has been sent to Maria Caulfield, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) Parliamentary Under Secretary. “Group A streptococcus sepsis following termination of pregnancy” was found to be the cause of death. Dr. Alison Armor told the Daily Mail last year that this is a rare but known complication of taking abortion pills; the bacteria had caused inflammation in Dunn’s vaginal tract and uterus.

Rae said Dunn’s symptoms were missed on three separate occasions by a general practitioner, a pharmacist, and hospital staff; additionally, Dunn was not given antibiotics for hours after she was finally admitted to the hospital.

In an investigation by the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch, Dunn was found to have had problems from the start. The chemical abortion was not “adequately supervised” when it took place while Dunn was seven weeks pregnant. She experienced heavy bleeding, nausea, sweating, and pain, yet Dunn’s general practitioner, Sanjeev Maharaj, said she “looked well” and did not refer her to the hospital.

Read more at Live Action.

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1 month ago

Thats just 1 less for getting an abortion.