Larry D. Moore via Wikimedia Commons.

A Harris County judge on Tuesday blocked Texas officials from enforcing a decades-old abortion ban, effectively allowing health providers to perform the procedure without the threat of prosecution.

With the temporary restraining order issued by Judge Christine Weems, abortions done up to six weeks of gestation will be able to resume in the state.

“It is a relief that this Texas state court acted so quickly to block this deeply harmful abortion ban,” Marc Hearron, the senior counsel at the Center for Reproductive Rights, said in a statement. “This decision will allow abortion services to resume at many clinics across the state. … Every hour that abortion is accessible in Texas is a victory.”

The Center for Reproductive Rights, the ACLU of Texas, and two law firms joined forces Monday to represent a coalition of abortion providers in Texas and challenge the pre-Roe ban.

Read more at KUT.

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1 month ago

This State “judge” will be overturned because his/her ruling is Unconstitutional according to Texas state law. Judges don’t make law. Voters and Legislatures do. The Texas law was already in effect for years.