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Via AAN:

A new guest on MSNBC is now claiming that pro-life laws now being passed across the country in the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark ‘Dobbs’ decision is somehow exactly like slavery.

As The Daily Caller reports:

Reverend Jennifer Butler compared abortion to slavery while speaking Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Butler was speaking about a recent op-ed she wrote for Red Letter Christians in which she called for individuals to “denounce Christian nationalism” that has allegedly been “hijacked by white supremacists.” Butler told MSNBC that Christians have long used their religion to justify abuse.

“Our entire faith is about the care of vulnerable people and pushing back on those who would oppress others,” Butler said. “And unfortunately, what has happened in America is Christianity has long been used to justify the oppression of others, it was used to justify slavery, it was used to justify Jim Crow. Now it is being used to justify blocking women from the reproductive care, abortion care, that they need to raise healthy families and that is not my faith.”

“The majorities of religious people in this country support a woman’s access to abortion care because we believe in her moral agency. We believe that she has the spiritual capacity to make these complex and important decisions for her own family. And so, as Christians, particularly as a white Christian in this country, where Christianity has been used to justify terrible racial oppression, we need as Christians to speak more loudly about what our faith calls us to resist the pharaohs, the Egyptian kings, the Roman Caesars of our day.”

On Friday President Biden issued an executive order to try and impede the Supreme Court’s ruling in the ‘Dobbs’ case.

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1 month ago

You are deranged. Always about race. Don’t you have an original thought. Just blah, blah, blah! Sorry, I forgot you are a Democrat!

Robin Boyd
Robin Boyd
1 month ago

More like slavery is having to work for money that is taken from all workers and funneled into abortion clinics. Workers who are responsible for what they do in life are being forced to pay for free abortions for those who are not responsible enough to prevent becoming pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, even though my personal biological and theological beliefs prevent me from accepting abortion for other than rape or to protect the life of the mother, we live in a secular nation where those who are willing to pay 100% for elective surgeries such as abortion should be able to do so. This all comes down to money.

Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
1 month ago

American patience with those who continually screech racism is coming to an end. Such rhetoric should have worn out its welcome with the 1964 Civil Rights Act that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. But racism is a mental disease that declines only as fast as the deaths of those stricken by it.

The process was obstructed by many from the formerly abused races who profited handsomely by continuing the screech. Currently, the Black Lives Matter crowd is a primary force that impedes equality for everyone. Recently, BLM was reported to have committed massive fraud that enriched only a few. In the mean time we suffer with a mentally afflicted president.

During its two and a half centuries, America struggled to survive while it learned the principle that color doesn’t matter. Its first formal act was to declare all men to have been created equal. It codified the U.S. Constitution and a Bill of Rights for all people in the colonies. It fought against its royal tormentors for 40 years (1775-1815) and won its independence.

Forty years later slavery was a central cause for the Civil War that lasted five years and again proved that for guaranteed freedom, color doesn’t matter. This effort cost the lives of 618,222 men, at least 360,222 of whom endorsed the principle that color doesn’t matter.

A century later, the principle that color doesn’t matter was again codified with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Today, we should be celebrating the progress instead of ripping at accepted principles like mad dogs and members of BLM.

We must look past our own have-not situation and give credit for the fact that almost all of us are universally dedicated to the principle that color doesn’t matter. We cannot allow the likes of Rev. Sharpton, George Floyd, Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William Bryan to belittle America’s great progress.

BLM is waning. I’m thinking they too are catching on to the fact that in America, color doesn’t matter. We’ve been fighting BLM’s brand of insanity and racism for 245 years. And except for a few radicals, we’ve seen less of this insanity and more who believe color doesn’t matter. White racists are dying and Black racists are getting smarter but our president is is a dunce.

1 month ago

Reverend Jennifer or can I say so called reverend Jennifer. When is the last time you read the Bible. When is the last time you follow the Bible teaching. And I have a question. How can you raise a healthy family if you abort the baby. What a dumbass.

Long van Pham
Long van Pham
27 days ago

Reverend Jennifer Butler,
Here you are a Reverend! So … that means you are a Christian. Christians believe in God creating human in a mother womb with soul. You and all Christian should know that.

Abortion means killing that baby in the womb.
As a Reverend then you should know that God gives human to have freedom to live good life to become like holy OR to live bad life to become like evil. Killing human lives even in the wombs of mothers is the evil acts.

If you do not know that then I am really in doubt of your “Reverend” word before your name. Please be honest at least with yourself and with God. Do not let us, the common Christmas to be so sad, seeing others claiming as Christian but promoting the killing.