Jane’s Revenge has been ravaging pro-life pregnancy centers across the country and not one vandal has faced arrest. The police have not arrested a single one of the vandals responsible.

From LifeNews:

Fox News recently followed up with the FBI and local police departments to ask about the radical pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge and 18 acts of arson and vandalism that the group admitted to committing in response to the U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Neither the FBI nor police departments in the areas in which the crimes occurred could confirm any arrests for the crimes, according to the report.

More than 100 pro-life organizations, pregnancy centers and churches have been victims of arson, vandalism and threats since May when someone leaked a draft of the Supreme Court abortion decision Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health.

One radical leftist group, Jane’s Revenge, took responsibility for at least 18 of the attacks, prompting calls for an investigation and arrests, and U.S. Senate Republicans described it as a “domestic terrorist organization.”

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Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
18 days ago

For almost all of my more than 80 years, I’ve admired the FBI for its honesty, adherence to the U.S. Constitution, skills and education. Today it has nothing for me but blind obedience to a master who demonstrates none of those traits.

The hard-earned trust it once enjoyed is gone and can never be recovered. Trust broken is trust dead. The FBI will be remembered as Americans remember German enforcers during the 2nd great war. Harassment and arrest soon become torture and interment.

18 days ago

Jane’s revenge is a leftist domestic terrorist group, so they will not even be condemned by the communist demoscum. No arrests, no accountability, no stopping them at all.

16 days ago

I read the comments and I hate to say this , But We the people will have to take care of business sooner than later and that is something I am, Against but when the back is almost against the wall the only way out is forward so be it