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The ACLU tried to put more babies to the knife and Indiana said no!

The American Civil Liberties Union attempted to block the state’s new abortion ban. Judge Kelsey Hanlon shot down the request and the new law took effect today protecting life across the state. Unfortunately, however, the story doesn’t end there.

On Monday, the ACLU will face a hearing reviewing their request for a preliminary injunction. The union was acting on behalf of Planned Parenthood which the Pope said is sacrificing babies on the altar of profit. This battle is far from over.

Regarding the hearing on Monday, the Associated Press reports:

The lawsuit was filed in southern Indiana’s Monroe County, which includes the liberal-leaning city of Bloomington and Indiana University’s main campus, but two elected Democratic judges from that county declined to handle the case without stating any reasons.

Judge Kelsey Hanlon, a Republican from neighboring Owen County, accepted appointment as special judge last week. Hanlon, who was first elected as a judge in 2014, was among three finalists that the state Judicial Nominating Commission selected in July for GOP Gov. Eric Holcomb to consider for appointment to the state appeals court.

No court action had yet taken place as of Monday on a separate lawsuit filed Thursday in Marion County arguing the ban is at odds with the state’s religious freedom law, which Republicans enacted seven years ago.

Those filing the lawsuit contend the bill “strips away the fundamental rights of people seeking abortion care” and violated the Indiana Constitution. They claim it will “will infringe on Hoosiers’ right to privacy, violate Indiana’s guarantee of equal privileges and immunities, and includes unconstitutionally vague language.”

According to Indiana Right to Life CEO Mike Fichter, more than 500,000 Indiana children lost their lives to the brutal legacy of Roe v. Wade.

The State Constitution exists to protect their lives, not the “right” to kill them.

After his victory, when the Indiana law took effect, he has this to say:

“Today marks a new opportunity for all of us in Indiana to come together to show true love and compassion for pregnant mothers and their unborn babies. It’s taken 50 years, and the loss of over 500,000 lives to abortion in Indiana alone, to finally arrive at this day.”

He went on to say:

“This historic moment is not about who wins and who loses, or about mere politics and court battles, but about a fresh new hope that a movement of the heart will unfold in Indiana that sets the pace for protecting life and providing the care and support pregnant mothers deserve.”

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