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The state of Indiana passed a near-total ban on abortion last week. Yesterday, Thursday, September 22, 2022, a judge temporarily blocked the ban and allowed abortions to continue in the interim.

A special judge in the Monroe County Circuit Court, Judge Kelsey Hanlon, issued a preliminary injunction temporarily blocking the ban. This means that abortion clinics are still allowed to execute children until the litigation is resolved. The ban was saving more than 161 children per day. Now those children face the end of a knife.

Lawmakers did not maintain decorum according to reports. Debate on the legislation reached fiery intensity. According to the Wall Street, the Senate floor saw shouting matches and intense aggravated conflict. Republicans argued that it didn’t go far enough while Democrats argued that it was a violation of women’s’ rights.

The judge claimed that the ban violates a section of the state Constitution “by making that autonomy largely contingent upon first experiencing extreme sexual violence or significant loss of physical health or death.”

She concluded that “there is a reasonable likelihood that decisions about family planning, including decisions about whether to carry a pregnancy to term” would be protected by the document.

Her final analysis was not exactly conclusive. “[T]here is a reasonable likelihood that this significant restriction of personal autonomy offends the liberty guarantees of the Indiana Constitution.” The fight is certainly not over.

Indiana Right to Life CEO Mike Fichter says that nothing in the state Constitution protects abortion.


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Marilyn Sutton
Marilyn Sutton
3 months ago

He’s evil . God will tear him up. Get rid of him.