Photo of Stacey Abrams by Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

Georgia Democrat candidate Stacey Abrams claimed that a baby’s prenatal heartbeat is “manufactured” to oppress women. This is a video of her delivering this claim on the campaign trail:

Like many lies, this one is sprinkled with a grain of truth. When medical devices detect a fetal heartbeat, they are not actually hearing a sound similar to the heartbeat of a fully grown adult. The heartbeat is, rather, a set of electrical signals that will develop into the opening and closing valves of a human heart. The doppler technology used to detect a preborn child’s heartbeat is detecting blood flow, the primary purpose of the human heart. It is the child’s heartbeat and will remain the same heartbeat throughout the rest of that child’s life. Fetal heartbeat is very real. Here are four doctors’ thoughts on the issue.

First, let’s hear from physician Grazie Christie, M.D. She explains what we’re hearing when we hear a child’s heartbeat after as early as 5 weeks after conception. The heartbeat creates a doppler signal from blood flowing back and forth inside of where the child’s heart will develop. It’s much faster than the mother’s at around 150 or 160 beats per minute where the mom’s will be in the 60’s or the 70’s. She explains that Abrams is simply wrong.

Dr. Donna Harrison is the CEO of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians Gynecologists. When she spoke to Live Action News, she said the following:

“The narrative that embryos don’t have heartbeats at six weeks’ gestation is a blatant example of misinformation that can be corrected by studying basic embryology. In fact, at six weeks’ gestation, the embryonic heart rhythmically contracts to pump blood through its arteries, which flows to the placenta to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen. To call this anything other than a beating heart is dishonest, and serves only to dehumanize preborn people.”

Dr. Tara Sander Lee shared a video on Twitter responding to Abrams’ statement. She said that “It’s unfortunate that after years of telling America to ‘follow the science,’ leading Democrats are now ignoring the science because it’s inconvenient for their extreme political position of legalizing abortion until the moment of birth.” To illustrate her point, she shared a video from the Endowment for Human Development to help illustrate her case.


Dr. Kathi Aultman used to be an abortionist. She also pointed to the same video by that Lee shared. She told Live Action News that “a picture is worth a thousand words and said that “By inserting a small scope attached to a camera through the cervix and placing it against the clear amniotic membrane we can see the embryo as it is developing inside the fluid filled amniotic sac within the uterus.”

She went on to shed further light on what the actual fetal heartbeat is and what we hear when we listen. “According to The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology, ‘The heart begins to beat at 22 to 23 days. Blood flow begins during the fourth week, and heartbeats can be visualized by Doppler ultrasonography. Our ears alone cannot hear the heartbeat of the embryo or fetus [within] the womb but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. We can see and hear it on ultrasound just as we can see and hear the adult heart on ultrasound. The sound heard by doppler at 10 weeks is also a sound that is generated electronically. Using ultrasound to detect the embryonic heartbeat is the standard of care in obstetrics and we know that once the heartbeat can be detected within the uterus that there is a strong chance that the pregnancy will continue.”

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2 months ago

Stacy is a disgusting fat ass bigot racist felon. BABY KILLING WITCH.

2 months ago

Some despicable Republicans are RINOs. Poor Spacey is a bona fide RHINO (maybe minus the horns). Other than that, she lends new life to the ancient notion of demonic possession, how Satan will possess mortals to further his will, in this case by snuffing out innocent human life before it has a chance. NO, Spacey, sex is not all about pleasure. .Once you have conceived, your body is no longer your own. It supports another incipient, innocent human life, as God is my witness. How you support or deny that life is between you and the LORD. Kyrie eleison.

2 months ago

I think Abrams like a lot of people in her party are always saying, Follow the Science.