A 41-year-old man admitted he murdered a teen boy because of his conservative views.

41-year-old Shannon Brandt ran over Caylor Ellingson with his car and he admitted that it was because of his conservative views. The two engaged in a political dispute prior to the murder.

Many conservative Americans believed that this behavior was inspired by Joe Biden’s “soul of the nation” speech. In that speech, he claimed that “MAGA republicans” are the greatest threat to our country.

Worse still, the Democrat county attorney who oversaw the case only charged Brandt with vehicular homicide. Brandt was already out on bail after his arrest and appearance in court. Many Americans called for felony charges and now they have gotten their wish.

Brandt now faces murder charges for the death of Caylor Ellingson and the court case finally reflects his admitted intentionality.

North Dakota local news reports:

An affidavit filed by the BCI special agent investigating the case said Ellingson called his parents a number of times between 2:00 to 2:42 am September 18 in reference to Brandt. In the last call Sheri Ellingson received at 2:42 am, Cayler’s mother said he told her something to the effect of “they are” or “he is after me.”  The NDHP incident report says Ellingson was hit and killed around 2:55 am.

The affidavit says Brandt made comments to the 911 operator that “the incident was intentional and not an accident.”

The Highway Patrol accident investigation found there were no acceleration or skid marks in the gravel alley where Ellingson was found. The autopsy report said the nature and manner of injuries Ellingson received show that he was on the ground when he received the injuries, indicating they were not caused from being struck but rather by being run over.

Brandt is accused of killing Ellingson in the early morning hours of Sept. 18 following a street dance in McHenry, North Dakota.

Brandt could face up to life imprisonment without parole.

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2 months ago

That leftist and the fraud judge and leftist authorities MUST FACE FIRST DEGREE MURDER CHARGES. ALL OF THEM. ALL MUDT BE EXECUTED.