At a Democrat-led hearing, a testifying doctor threw a monkey wrench in the panel’s goals. After an introduction, she opened with the words: “I’d like to discuss abortions’ harms to women and their children.”

At the U.S. House Oversight and Reforms Committee, Prominent OB-GYN Dr. Monique Chireau Wubbenhorst told congress just how disastrous abortion is to its many victims.

“Abortion not only poses risk to the mother. It is always lethal to an unborn child,” she said. Immediately framing the issue in a way that recognizes the unborn child as a human being worth of human rights. “It is my opinion that abortion is not health care.” She went on to say clearly that the goal of abortion is “to kill the embryo or fetus, which is a human being.”

She said that Dobbs v. Jackson is an opportunity to “mitigate abortion’s many harms to women in communities and to unborn human beings.”

She directly and thoroughly undermines the argument that abortion is healthcare: “Abortion neither prevents, treats, or palliates any disease. It has instead as its goal the death of a human being. It is therefore not health care for the mother or her fetus, and research confirms this because the majority of OB-GYNs do not do abortions.”

Wubbenhorst also directly debunked the lie that abortion reduces maternal mortality, watch:

She said that any claims that link abortion restrictions and maternal mortality are “extremely flawed.” She said that most studies indicate the opposite to be true.

“For many years, there’s been an assertion that abortion is safer than childbirth, and this has been used to defend the right to abortion. Because of the incompleteness of data, it is not possible to make this assertion with any certainty. Indeed, there are some studies that suggest that abortion-related mortality is equal to or almost equal to maternal mortality when abortion is conducted at later gestational ages.”

Wubbenhorst is a woman of color with over 20 years of expertise as an OBGYN and a formidable resume. She graduated Harvard University and taught at Duke’s School of Medicine. She holds the esteemed position of Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator in the Bureau for Global Health at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

If there’s anyone that the left should be listening to it’s her. She is a credentialed doctor, a scientific expert, and a member of protected identity groups.

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2 months ago

The Media, the Democratic Socialists, and especially the Biden Administration will do every thing in their power to discredit the medical professional and bury her remarks in any Media format so as to make it a non-factor !

David Lancaster
David Lancaster
1 month ago

Praise the Lord for this courageous lady.