Vice President Kamala Harris has been on an abortion rights tour of late, holding more than 20 events focused on the topic since May. During her latest stop, at a reproductive rights conference in Connecticut, Harris was asked how someone can support abortion rights if the religion they follow declares it immoral. She responded, “One does not have to abandon their faith or their beliefs to agree that the government should not be making that decision for her.” Shortly after, adding, “It’s literally that basic.”

What Vice President Harris does not seem to understand is that for many religions, including the majority of Christian denominations, supporting abortion is directly abandoning the faith and encouraging a spirit of death. To say otherwise is either an ignorance of religious theology or an attempted manipulation of another’s understanding of their faith. Kamala Harris has to be closer to the latter description by now, and has been working hard to corrupt religious followers during the lead up to midterm elections. 

Hopefully, faith based people in America are wise enough to consult their own religious leaders before politicians. But the effect of Harris’ words are still detrimental to those who are persuadable or hesitant but interested in religion. The Biden administration has had no problem bending religion to fit their own world and social view.

Having a president who declares himself a devout Catholic while spreading the pro-choice message is setting an example that may scar the nation for years to come. Simply put, both hats can not be worn, and Biden’s example can be described with a single word: duplicity.

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