The FDA is sounding the alarm over the advance prescribing of abortion medication to people who aren’t pregnant. The agency says providers are acting without their authorization and what is happening is dangerous to patients.  An FDA spokesperson spoke to Politico on Tuesday, “The FDA is concerned about the advance prescribing of mifepristone for this use. Mifepristone is not approved for advance provision of a medical abortion.”

The method of “advance provision” has grown as a way to fight abortion restrictions since Roe v. Wade fell in the summer. Mifepristone stops the flow of hormones supporting a fetus in the uterus, and the FDA warns that is dangerous to prescribe before pregnancy because doctors are not able to monitor the patient.

Many health providers, including Choix, offers mifepristone so patients can be prepared for an abortion if they need one. Choix CEO Cindy Adam responded to the warning from the FDA by telling Politico that “restrictions on medication abortion are unnecessary.” She added that, “Choix offers “ongoing, supportive” care throughout the process.

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