National Public Radio played audio of a suction abortion on an 11-week-old unborn child Thursday, in a feature that was supposed to highlight how sympathetic physicians and workers are at abortion facilities. The segment was presented by reporter Katie Wells who recorded the audio from a Northland Family Planning Center in Michigan. The pregnant woman can be heard crying as the abortion takes place. At one point she tells the doctors, “I can’t,” and they simply respond, “Yes, you can.”

Warning. The following audio is graphic:

Appalled pro-lifers responded angrily to NPR for their broadcasting of the audio. “It is horrifying and inappropriate for a taxpayer funded outlet to air the excruciating moments for child and mother of an abortion,” Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America president Marjorie Dannenfelser told Fox News.

Alexandra DeSanctis Marr of National Review tweeted, “It strikes me that by sharing the audio of a woman getting an abortion, NPR broke one of the foremost rules of abortion advocacy: Never admit or even hint at what happens in an abortion procedure. The truth is far too awful to look at, particularly if you support abortion.”

In a segment that was supposed to highlight how comforting abortion clinics are to their patients it seems NPR has revealed how vulgar and horrifying abortion procedures are. No matter what, public radio has no place broadcasting such atrocities.

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