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Recent lawsuits filed by individuals adversely affected by questionable counseling, prescription of puberty blockers, and transition surgeries provide real-life examples of the negatively life-altering consequences of gender theory. As a result, there has been a recent and notable rise in resistance to transgender ideology in the United States.

Camille Kiefel, a 32-year-old woman who formerly self-identified as “nonbinary,” filed a lawsuit, recently, against a social worker and a mental health therapist in Oregon after claiming to have been misdiagnosed by both. The resulting recommendation, after a one-hour Zoom call with the social worker and another 40-minute video call with the therapist, was that Kiefel should undergo a double mastectomy. 

According to the complaint filed by Kiefel’s representative Jackson Bone LLP, the social worker and the therapist failed to examine her case thoroughly and did not consider traumatic history in the patient that had affected her mental health and self-image at an early age.

 “I had a trauma history: when I was in sixth grade my best friend had been raped by her brother,” Kiefel said at the Florida Board of Medicine meeting. “Being a girl meant I was more vulnerable, so I started to present as more masculine. This should have been a red flag, yet within months of requesting top surgery, it was performed on me.”  (The Daily Wire)

Kiefel also identified exposure to gender ideology in college as an influencing factor in the decision to undergo transition surgery.

Kiefel was introduced to gender identity ideology in 2010, while she pursued a women’s studies minor in college, and in 2016, began to identify as “nonbinary” after seeing a “gender-affirming” therapist. She spent much of her childhood suffering from anxiety and depression, which persisted into adulthood and led to suicidal ideation. (The Daily Wire)

Another case in point is that of 18-year-old Chloe Cole who underwent puberty blocking therapy and body altering surgery when she was a minor. Cole is suing three doctors, the Permanente Medical Group, and the Kaiser Foundation for performing “services” on her that “breach the standard of care.”

The lawsuit notes that as a result of undergoing “puberty blockers, off-label cross-sex hormone treatment, and a double mastectomy” at the advice of her doctors, Cole now has “deep emotional wounds, severe regrets, and distrust for the medical system,” and has “suffered physically, socially, neurologically, and psychologically.” (The Daily Signal)

Since her experience, Cole has become an outspoken advocate for children across the nation who have been subjected to gender ideology and dangerously altering medical procedures. Calling herself a ‘detransitioner,’ Cole is part of a growing movement that includes doctors. Many are beginning to speak out against the adverse effects of gender ideology.

The growing trend—along with a burgeoning movement of doctors openly decrying the practice of gender-transition procedures and acknowledgements in the legacy media of growing concern over transgender drugs such as puberty blockers—seems to be having a cumulative, negative effect on the popularity and cultural power of gender ideology. (The Daily Signal)

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