South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem recently fired the Transformation Project, a transgender activist group that had contracted with the state’s Department of Health. The organization has been promoting transgender ideology within South Dakota’s health care system through various means.

Noem ordered the state’s Health Department to terminate a contract with the Transformation Project when she became aware of a “gender identity” summit it plans to host in partnership with Sanford Health, the self-described “largest rural health system in the United States” based in Sioux Falls, SD. The governor was apprised of the contract when the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal reached out to her office with questions about the summit. Noem’s communications director, Ian Fury responded.

“South Dakota does not support this organization’s efforts, and state government should not be participating in them,” Noem told The Daily Signal in a statement provided by Fury. “We should not be dividing our youth with radical ideologies. We should treat every single individual equally as a human being.”

The Transformation Project promotes controversial medical procedures for minors and organizes events in which attendees are said to ritually “burn” their “old name or pronouns.” According to the organization’s website, its mission is “to support and empower transgender individuals and their families while educating communities in SD and the surrounding region about gender identity and expression.”

South Dakota’s Department of Health hired the Transformation Project to start a community health worker (CHW) program by which the activist group would develop infrastructure, promote itself through awareness efforts, participate in the state’s CHW annual conference, collect clinical data, and provide alleged success stories.

The Midwest Gender Identity Summit, organized by the Transformation Project and hosted by Sanford Health, is set to take place on Jan. 13. It will include workshops promoting the notion that many males are female and vice versa. The event will help to further the idea that people who are not provided with “gender affirming” interventions are likely to commit suicide. Interventions include growth stunting drugs and experimental surgery.

According to a report by the Daily Signal, Noem is currently reviewing all of South Dakota’s Department of Health contracts.

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7 months ago

Believing that a Male can become a Female or that a Female can become a Male should be treated as a mental problem. If it were possible, Farmers/Ranchers across the globe would perhaps be converting some bulls into heifers for breeding stock, but all they can do with great success is convert some bulls into steers.

7 months ago

I agree with your point of view, your article has given me a lot of help and benefited me a lot. Thanks. Hope you continue to write such excellent articles.