The year following the fall of of Roe v Wade will be monumental in shaping what path the country and states follow with regards to abortion access. State legislatures will convene in January and parties in power will quickly look to push the issue of abortion in their direction. Many of these fights in the state legislatures will end up in court and that is where some crucial battles will be fought.

But there is one thing that pro-lifers and conservative leaders will always have control during the next year. The movement must not allow conservatives to shy away from the pro-life stance. A disappointing midterm election will, no doubt, cause lukewarm conservatives to warn that the pro-life message is not a winning one. Some will say that the Democrats focus on abortion as the leading issue coming into the midterms worked very well.

The truth is that many on the left are concerned about abortion access but it is our job to change their hearts and it we must become louder in order to do this, not silent. Also, the poor midterm results were a result of much more than issue of abortion, the main being that conservatives currently lack strong leaders.

One of the biggest legal battles coming in 2023 comes out of Texas, in a lawsuit against the FDA by four doctors who claim the agency overstepped by authorizing the drug mifepristone for medical abortions in 2000. Mifepristone is an extremely popular abortion medication that in 2020 accounted for more than half of all U.S. abortions.

If the lawsuit is successful it could have a major impact on the number of abortions in the United States.

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