File photo of abortion pill. Photo/File/CBS News

While Democrats and Biden’s administration continue to infringe laws on American citizens in the name of environmental protection, one form of potential hazard has been federally regulated and okayed by the Democrats since 2000 and has become even more widely obtainable through Biden. That is the abortion pill industry and the governmental blind eye the industry hold as waste floods our water from government-sanctioned dumping.

Chemical abortions, by way of abortion pills, were first approved by President Bill Clinton in 2000 and has remained accessible since then. Though, through President Biden, laws and regulations surrounding the 2 pill combo have gotten even easier. Through the use of two pills, a preborn life is lost. The first pill, mifepristone, blocks pregnancy-supporting hormones, and the second, misoprostol, starts contractions. Together they trigger a chemically induced abortion that is four times riskier for the mother than surgical abortion. These chemical abortions are very dangerous and now are even more harmful as a pregnant woman could be drugged with the bills causing unknown abortions and injuries. These pills, according to Newsweek, put women at a 10 times greater risk of death.

Not only are they harmful to a mother, and deadly to the preborn child, but these chemical abortions become a potential hazard to our water as well. For more than 20 years chemically tainted blood, placenta tissue, and human remains resulting from the use of these pills have been flushed down American toilets and into our water systems. A drug meant to disrupt the reproductive life of human beings can do the same to aquatic life, animals, and plants. And even worse the disruption to our plants and animals can disrupt the food supply.

If women were to visit their doctors and seek prescreening treatment and ultrasounds many of the risks brought up to keep these pills relevant would be eliminated. In-person doctor visits may also protect women, as they would help to catch abusers, sex traffickers, and coercion as women spoke with their doctor on reproductive matters.

Petitions for these pills have begun, with Students for Life of America against FDA, and a few senators have taken the issue in. Though these pills are toxic to our water and need more action in order to fight the FDA and EPA in efforts to get bans placed on them.

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