South Park’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are about as controversial as they come in the television world in the 21st century. Their edgy humor has surpassed The Simples, King of the Hill, Rick and Morty, and countless other popular adult cartoons.

In a resurfaced clip, despite being originally made in 2005, many were shocked to see everything you can’t say today being said in this clip. From mocking “trans-woman’s” idea that they can have an abortion to mocking Planned Parenthood’s ideology that not only women can have an abortion, their description of the abortion itself that takes the cake for offensiveness in the eyes of many.

Warning: extremely explicit content:

Let’s face it – people have become conditioned to accept ideologies that we know to be false because of our fear of offending others or the backlash we may receive. Despite that, we still know the ideology to be false. That’s why it’s so refreshing to hear comedy that strikes at the heart of the matter when mocking transgender ideology, the breakdown of all gender differences, and the grotesqueness of an abortion.

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