Photo of the General Assembly floor in North Carolina. Photo/Speaker Tim Moore Website

Tuesday pro-life advocates filled the halls of the North Carolina General Assembly in an attempt at urging Republicans to pass a ‘heartbeat bill’ that would ban abortion after six weeks. Those included said that this bill is necessary in order to protect the unborn. GOP lawmakers in both the House and Senate have been working for several weeks on a consensus abortion bill.

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House Speaker Tim Moore, who personally supports a heartbeat bill, says he wants to pass something that can be enacted even with a suspected veto from Democrat Governor Roy Cooper.

According to The News & Observer Moore said,

“We have to get a supermajority to get something done…now, what that ends up being, what that bill ends up looking like, I can’t say today what in fact that will be.”

Senate Republicans are still having discussions on what they should do, and how their game plan should go. This comes as the Democrats, as you would expect, oppose the bill and the idea of a heartbeat bill.

Though throughout the discussions from both the House and the Senate on the next steps, advocates for the bill met with members of the state Congress in every attempt to get the members to vote in favor of the bill. Members of churches, families, and even Democrats were some of the many who filled the General Assembly to give reason after reason to support the ban.

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In one instance of a supporter speaking to lawmakers, GOP Representative Jackson of Randolph Country said groups of families had told him that “lawmakers should support the heartbeat bill over a 12-week or 13-week ban, because it’s tied to the moment when fetal cardiac activity is usually first detected, and not an “arbitrary” point in time.” Some even brought up alternative options for children who are not wanted or cannot be cared for after birth, like adoption or foster care.

This is a developing story.

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