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Florida Republicans in both the state House and Senate have introduced a new piece of legislation, that upon its passing, would ban abortion after six weeks. This comes just as the Florida legislative season begins and just minutes before Governor DeSantis gave his state of the state address.

The bill would be the second of sorts the state has introduced following a 15-week, no-expectations bill that was signed into law last year. Though this bill would be slightly different.

The new bill would change the law to allow abortions only up to 6 weeks from conception, though it would make expectations – which differs from the current law. As in cases of incest or rape the bill would extend abortion allotment to 15 weeks though it would ask for proof that the mother is a victim. Proof could be a copy of a restraining order, a police report, medical records, or other court orders or documentation.

The bill, if passed, would also require medical abortion pills to be dispensed in person by a physician. It would also ban abortion care via telehealth, which includes mailing abortion medication to patients.

If healthcare providers violate these new laws, once passed, they could face a third-degree felony charge. These sorts of charges could carry a maximum of five years in prison.

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